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Bushmeat Action Alert: 2/7/02

The "bushmeat" crisis has now expanded into the habitat of the "eastern" lowland gorillas in the Congo. This time it is not fueled by logging, but by mining of the rare mineral known as Coltan (aka tantalum) by computer chip and cell phone companies, such as Intel, Motorola and Nokia. Please visit our Action Read more

Tony's Journal: (Grist 5)

HERMOSA BEACH, Calif. (reprinted from, art. 5) I began the week asking, "Where am I?" It is the place one perceives and experiences that circumscribes one's identity. Physical surroundings don't always inform a person's thoughts, feelings, or actions. And it is our mind and manners that determine who Read more

Tony's Journal: Thu. (Grist 4)

HERMOSA BEACH, Calif. (reprinted from, art. 4) From a night of tossing and dark dreams, I popped out of bed at 5 a.m. with a mind full of unfinished tasks. Leave no Gestalt undone, or sleep will suffer. Trouble is, there is never closure on the work I do. So I wrap myself in a sarong and stumble in the Read more

Tony's Journal: Wed. 1/30/02 (Grist 3)

HERMOSA BEACH, Calif. (reprinted from, art. 3) Well -- now that the bushmeat book is in the hands of publishers, I can move on to the next project. I reached Penny Patterson at the Gorilla Foundation research station in Northern California during lunch. She was with her primate friend Koko, and they were Read more

Tony's Journal: Tue. 1/29/02 (Grist 2)

HERMOSA BEACH, Calif. (reprinted from, art. 2) Hail fell last night in Hermosa Beach. Ice sizzled in surf, pocked the sand, and tangled in my hair. A two-minute winter, followed by clear skies. That's what we get here in sunny Southern California -- pocket-sized cold snaps and perpetual spring. Or that's what Read more

Tony's Journal: Mon. 1/28/02 (Grist 1)

HERMOSA BEACH, Calif. (reprinted from, art. 1) The first question that must be answered in any self-examination is, "Where am I?" The air is clear and crisp, high white clouds drift restlessly over a sky-blue sea, verdant cliffs rim the bay to the north and south, and where the noonday sunlight Read more

Webs and Nectar (poem)

I stepped out onto my balcony to look at the sea. My eye was caught by a fluttering below in the garden. A butterfly was beating its wings fighting to free itself from entrapment in an old abandoned spider web. I went down to the garden and released it. And I thought of the old webs of hatred that Read more

Opening of the Michael Sanctuary

Just one year after Michael (the male silverback gorilla who lived with Koko) passed away, the Gorilla Foundation's WPF helped the people of Cameroon open their new African gorilla sanctuary, dedicated to caring for and protecting orphans of the bushmeat trade. The Michael Leo Rion Sanctuary was officially opened on May 26, 2001 in Read more

WPF Progress in Cameroon

Dr. Anthony Rose's 2000 mission to Cameroon, was to bring "Koko's Kitten" into the bush. You can read an account of his journey in the press release. The following captioned photos highlight work by TGF's Dr. Anthony Rose and associates to introduce the people of Africa to Koko as an ambassador for gorillas, and to Read more

On the Road with a Gorilla Hunter (Turning Poachers to Protectors)

Abstract A personal account of the travails of the gorilla hunter from the perspective of a wildlife conservationist who believes that people and nature can be redeemed, if given opportunities to pursue their mutually synergistic ideals. This field research Read more

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