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Since 1999, under the aegis of the Wildlife Protectors Fund (WPF), the Gorilla Foundation has sponsored educational and hands-on conservation outreach programs in Cameroon, Africa. The goals of WPF are to inspire humane conservation values, to motivate leaders and communities to conserve Africa’s magnificent natural heritage, and Read more

Law Students Moved by Michael Sanctuary

The following report was submitted by Ngum Paul Chu, a law student on scholarship with UNAFAS’ Conservation Values Program (CVP) Cameroon for a year. The objective of the scholarship is to produce a graduating lawyer in September who not only appreciates the need for conservation values in society, but also promotes them. It seems Read more

Former Poacher Gets WPF Award

The Gorilla Foundation is delighted to announce the inauguration of the Wildlife Protectors Award. This grant is designed to honor and support the work of individuals who at the local level have performed exemplary exploits on behalf of conservation, particularly as it relates to the Great Apes. The 2006 award, underwritten by a Read more

Schools in Cameroon Join Koko's Family

Article by Penny Fraser, Cameroon Country Director for the Gorilla Foundation's Wildlife Protectors Fund.(WPF) in Africa; and assistant to Dr. Anthony Rose, Conservation Director. Since January 2003, the WPF's Conservation Values Program (CVP) has worked with 930 young people from the Yaoundé Read more

Growing Collaboration with Peace Corp in Cameroon

Article by Penny Fraser, WPF Cameroon County Director. Collaboration with the Peace Corps started with two volunteers, Brian Gearing and Erin Swaider, a married couple, who were working as teachers in a remote town called Bafang, in Read more

So Few Gorillas, So Little Time

Dr. Tony Rose is currently working on a new book,Consuming Life, co-authored with Karl Ammann, the world renowned wildlife photographer who first exposed the bushmeat crisis to the world pictorially. This month we feature some excerpts from an essay he recently wrote entitled So Few Gorillas, So Little Time. The entire essay will Read more

News Alerts: Bushmeat-related Ebola Outbreak

As of April 2003, the Ebola virus has wiped out thousands of gorillas in West Africa. In Gabon, officials have banned the hunting of bushmeat due to the deaths of over 120 people in Gabon and the Republic of the Congo from the disease. Ninety-five percent of the gorilla population is gone in Lossi Sanctuary in the Republic of the Read more

Tony's Journal

African Travel Update by the Director of Gorilla Foundation's Wildlife Protector Fund (WPF), Dr. Tony Rose. The whirlwind settled: After nine weeks living out of a too-small suitcase and making connections on sixteen air flights into six African countries, there was a tenuous feeling about being "at home." I looked at Read more

Talking Gorilla Stories in West Africa

Talking Gorilla Stories in Ekona Lelu Village, Mt. Cameroon (A Report on the Development of Humane Values in West Africa, Assisted by Koko's Story) The Wildlife Protectors Fund has made exceptional progress in Africa during the past six months. Our WPF/GF Field Coordinator, Penny Fraser, has organized resources and initiated Read more

Michael and Me

In celebration of Michael's birthday (the late signing silverback gorilla), we'd like to reprint an article first published by Dr. Anthony Rose, our Director of Conservation, in the Winter 2001 Gorilla Journal. Before coming to the Gorilla Foundation as a small child, Michael witnessed his family being killed by poachers in Africa. Read more

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