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Anthony Rose is an applied social psychologist, author, and educator whose professional career has ranged from alcoholism research with monkeys to the facilitation of human social collaboration to the promotion of global biosynergy. Dr. Rose founded and became president of the Biosynergy Institute in 1994 when he began working worldwide to restore the synergy of life on earth. His consulting and writing now focus on the impact of biosynergy on personal well-being, social effectiveness, and global harmony.

Dr. Rose has published books and scores of articles in scientific and popular anthologies and journals, facilitated and lectured at dozens of international conferences, and studied the synergy of humanity and nature in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Rose's original studies of interspecies epiphanies demonstrated the factors that affect humane values and induce mutual empathy between humans and other animals. His work to restore humane values worldwide and his innovative programs in empathy-based conservation education in equatorial Africa have been supported by a host of organizations including – The Gorilla Foundation, Conservation International, Center for Applied Biodiversity Science, American Zoo & Aquarium Association, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Arnall Foundation, Bellerive Foundation, Margot Marsh Biodiversity Foundation, Newman’s Own Foundation, and Wasmoeth Wildlife Foundation.

Anthony Rose developed and taught the first laboratory course in animal learning & behavior modification at UCLA (1961) and has taught 18 classes in social psychology and primatology at ten universities in the ensuing years. Rose earned his Ph.D. in psychology in 1967 while serving as research fellow at the UCLA Brain Research Institute investigating alcoholism in macaques. Rose left the lab in 1967 to take an NIMH postdoctoral fellowship at Western Behavioral Sciences Institute (WBSI) with renowned humanist Carl Rogers. With Rogers and others, Rose co-founded and directed Center for Studies of the Person (CSP) in La Jolla, California. While at CSP, Rose published Growing Up Human (1974) – a groundbreaking book about the realization of human potential; produced educational games and films to enhance interpersonal empathy; and co-facilitated an award winning TV documentary on drug abuse prevention with Dr. Rogers. Between 1967 and 1994 Dr. Rose consulted to scores of government, religious, military, business, and educational organizations. During that period he also served seven years as director of organization design and research for the Kaiser-Permanente Medical Care Program in Southern California and Hawaii.

Dr. Rose founded The Biosynergy Institute in 1994 to study and advance the synergy of humanity and nature. Under the BSI umbrella he established the Epiphany Project (1994), the Bushmeat Project (1996), and Altisima Press (2002). In 2000 Rose co-founded Wildlife Protectors Fund with The Gorilla Foundation, where he now serves as Director of Conservation (Emeritus). In 2004 Altisima Press published Rose’s extraordinary coffee table book, Consuming Nature, which has been acclaimed as a tour de force in the battle to save rainforests, threatened wildlife, and indigenous people in their remaining homelands worldwide. His recent articles – “AVATAR: The search for biosynergy and compassion.” [University of Chicago Press, 2013] and “Bonding, biophilia, biosynergy and the future of primates in the wild.” [American Journal of Primatology, 2011] are available on the website and will be included in his forthcoming anthology – “Biosynergy: The Synergy of Life”.

For more details about Dr. Rose’s global biosynergy and interspecies bonding projects, and to inquire about his availability to lecture, train, and consult on topics of interest to you and your organization, please contact him at or write the Biosynergy Institute at the address below.

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